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Modern authors regularly published anonymously. Why did they do so, and to what effect? How to handle anonymous texts in scholarship? We discussed these topics in a recent panel on Anonymous Modern Philosophy with Julia Joráti, Alex Douglas, and Sandra Lapointe at the APA Pacific. Here you can listen to recordings of the talks:



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Old books

In response to Lewis Powell’s recent quest for lacunae in the corpus of translated primary texts, Michael Hickson has called attention to his currently slumbering website Philosophy Translations. The site is intended to track who’s translating what, which translations are already out there in print, and to discuss what is currently most needed. Moreover, it aims to provide a digital library of (links to) unpublished translations.

Yet, as Hickson writes,

I finally decided that it was too ambitious a project for a single person to handle, so I’ve basically done nothing with it since 2010 and the site is set to expire in a few weeks. I think that we would all benefit from such a thing (especially the digital library of unpublished translations, since I know that a lot of these are out there gathering dust on people’s desks).

A website like this seems a great contribution, especially if there is a group of people actively maintaining it. I suggest that anyone who wants to step up or has ideas about how to organize this contact Michael Hickson.


Image: ‘Old Books’ by Moyan Brenn

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