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Summer Reading

Many of us are now finished with teaching responsibilities for the spring (or in my case, spring and early summer session). Summer writing projects and preparation for fall classes might be in full swing. So I thought I would throw a question out to the Mod Squadders:

What is on your summer reading list?

Are there new books you’ve been dying to dig into? Are you only reading books directly related to your research or teaching?

Perhaps you’ll find some like-minded folks in the comments and can form a long-distance reading group around a shared interest.

As for me, I’m digging back into Hume’s Treatise for a couple of writing projects. I’ll also be returning to Koyré, Westfall, Jammer, and other classic discussions about space for a seminar I’m teaching this fall. I’m especially excited to read more Edmund Law, whose criticisms of Clarke on space intrigued me in the dissertation stage. I’ve also got a stack of audiobooks for summer listening, including Megan Abbott’s The Fever, Eleanor Catton’s The Luminaries, and the Hitchcock/Truffaut conversations.

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Hume’s Wine Cellar

Mod Squad readers might be interested in this bit of news about Hume over at Daily Nous:

The Hunt for Hume’s Wine Cellar

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